A MiLi a day keeps sun spots away...


MiLi's Social Media Manager, Taylor Malizia Takes MiLi Skinmate & MiLi Pure on a trip to Bahama's The Cove, Atlantis Resort

"Hi #MiLiCommunity! I'm based out of MiLi's Canadian office in Toronto, which means I don't get to spend too much time in the sun. When I visited the Bahama's on a weekend girl’s trip, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to share my results with our followers interested in MiLi SkinMate and MiLi Pure products. Be sure to watch for my sun safe tips in this review"


See the surprising ways MiLi products helped me stay sun safe below. 

User Profile

Name: Taylor Malizia

Age: 25

Skin Type: Olive complexion, tans easily, chest & face sensitive to sunscreen products

Skin Problems: dry with a slightly oily t-zone

Products Used: MiLi SkinMate, MiLi Pure, MiLi Pure Bottle

Day One

Time: 9:00am | Skin: Dry

Product Saviour: MiLi Pure Bottle

Our girl’s crew left at 6:00am  to the airport. The night before my trip, as many of you do,  I got a spray tan and was looking well… orange! It’s important to stay very hydrated when getting a spray tan so I brought my MiLi Pure Bottle with me on the plane! This is my favourite product to use when I get spray tans. In the bottle I use Hawaiian Tropic After Sun. It's inexpensive and very moisturising and I love that it contains aloe for when you get a bit too much sun. When I tested my skin, before application, my MiLi Bottle read, “dry”.  Since I always struggle with very dry skin, this reminded me that I needed to be extra prepared to protect my skin in the days ahead - before I even got off the plane.

Day One

Time: 3:34pm | UV Rating: Safe

Product Saviour: MiLi SkinMate 

We arrived in sunny Nasau Bahama's at the famous The Cove, Atlantis Resort.

I've finally found a spot to lay my towel and read my book, but not before I set up my preferences on my new MiLi SkinMate! What’s awesome about the MiLi SkinMate is that you can tailor it to your skin type & sunscreen SPF. See how I did this below. 

Now that my profile is set up, it's time to see what kind of UV rays I was dealing with; The sun sat at a 2.9 rating which meant I was safe! Now it was really time to relax & enjoy the sun…

Day Two

Time: 12:36pm | UV Rating: Dangerous

Product Saviour: MiLi SkinMate ft. Sunscreen

By the time we woke up, the sun was already  piercing hot. I braced myself for the beautiful, yet damaging elements outside and thoughtfully packed my MiLi SkinMate. By lunch time, I checked the MiLi SkinMate app to find the UV rating was already 6.3 rating - dangerous! It was time to set an alarm (4:41 hours later) in the App and cover my face with loads of sunscreen & get my big floppy hat out!

My favourite sunscreen is the Hawaiian Tropic 30 SPF and the True All Natural Sunscreen for my sensitive chest and face.

Day Two

Time: 1:41pm | UV Rating: Extremely Dangerous

Product Saviour: MiLi SkinMate 

My friends and I were definitely feeling the heat now. Since it was so hot , i felt it was time to test my sun exposure with MiLi SkinMate and make sure I was safe.  It actually became a fun game amongst my friends and I. But the reality of the results we received weren't so fun; We got a whopping 9.3 rating meaning VERY dangerous UV exposure! It was time to find some shade and relax indoors or find some shade under the waterslides perhaps?

This experience taught me why it's important to check your MiLi Skinmate App even before the App reminder. In under 2 hours, the UV index had jumped from dangerous to extremely dangerous. 


Sun Safety Tips

By Bahama's Ministry of Tourism

To fully understand my MiLi SkinMate results, I decided to consult Bahama's Ministry of Tourism website for sun safety tips based on my location. Click my UV scores below to find out interesting sun safety tips from Bahamas.org!

Sun Safe Tip:

You can still got sun stroke when you have a low UV rating. Even if your MiLi UV reads safe for a prolonged period of time, it doesn't mean you're safe from the elements forever. Even if you don't feel that hot, be sure to drink lot's of water and take "sun breaks" in the shade.

Sun Safe Tip:

When UV exposure levels read dangerous, you cannot only damage your skin, but your eyes. This kind of exposure can lead to eye problems such as cataracts and cancers on the surface of the eye. watch out and wear your sunnies!

Sun Safe Tip:

If your MiLi SkinMate reads "Extremely Dangerous" there's a simple answer: Get out of the sun as soon as you can.

Taylor Says....

The Results


The MiLi SkinMate is an extremely reassuring gadget to have  when spending most of your day in the sun. MiLi also makes you realise how dangerous the sun can really be. In just one hour the UV went from a 6.3 rating to a 9.3 rating and the sun became extremely dangerous. This is a great tool for families with young kids - which are sensitive to the sun.

Stay For Taylor's next adventure with MiLi Skinmate where she takes on a Disney Cruise with 2 under ten.